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  • Polished Silver w/Gloss Metallic Silver, Smoke Lens w/Flash Mirror Finish
  • Polished Gunmetal w/Matte Gray, Smoke Lens w/Flash Mirror Finish
  • Polished Brown w/Dark Xtal Brown, Brown Lens w/Gold Mirror Finish
  • Matte Silver w/Xtal Black Stripe, Smoke Gradient Lens
  • Matte Black w/Gloss Black, Smoke Lens w/Flash Mirror Finish
  • Copper Brown w/Matte Demi Brown, Brown Lens w/Flash Mirror Finish
  • Matte Gunmetal w/ Matte Black, Smoke Gradient Lens
  • Polished Silver w/Metallic Silver, Smoke Lens w/Blue Mirror Finish
  • Matte Gunmetal w/Matte Black, Smoke Lens w/Flash Mirror Finish

Pugs M8 1401 Sunglasses

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Product Description

High quality polarized aviators at a affordable low price!

UV400 Lens

Product Reviews

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  1. The only sunglasses I buy anymore

    Posted by Pete on 9th Apr 2018

    I first discovered this brand of sunglasses by accident at a truck stop in Nebraska; I get the blue-mirrored ones. I loved them, and was heartbroken when I finally broke them.
    I'm super hard on sunglasses. No matter how tough they say that they are, I'll have destroyed them within 2-3 months. I've gotta say though, the Pugs are actually a bit tougher than most. My Pugs generally last longer than my WileyX or Oakley's ever did.

    But yeah, when I finally found my favorite pair on PugsGear, I was totally excited. Now I order them 3-4 pairs at a time.

  2. Best sunglasses I've ever owned

    Posted by Harry on 30th Jun 2017

    After buying many pairs of sunglasses over the past 50 years I bought a pair of these sunglasses from a location and they by far are the best as far as style, color and visibility and blocking the sunlight and still be able to see crystal clear. Liked them so much that when the pair I bought broke (my fault) I researched them by model # online and purchased exact same pair from Pugs and they arrived within a couple days and they are identical to the pair I had before. I'd prefer these $15 sunglasses to ones I've paid $100 to $200 before. Great product and very afford price. Great combination.

  3. blue/grey sunglasses

    Posted by Unknown on 20th Aug 2016

    snug fit, stay in place, perfect!

  4. Sunglasses for life

    Posted by Ryan on 22nd Jul 2015

    Great look right price. All sunglasses break eventually. I have pegged this style of pugs my lifetime pair of sunglasses whenever i'm in need. Can't wait to try all the color combinations.

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